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Ansty Village Hall Consultation


The Committee and trustees are attempting to secure funding through a number of streams, in order to undertake repairs to the Ansty Village Hall.

Amongst the means currently being explored is “The National Lottery”. They require us to show that we have consulted with a number of Locals.

To that end would you please indicate on the form if you would be in favour of sympathetic restorations being carried out to the Ansty Village Hall a Grade 2 listed building. This would include the Walls, Roof, Guttering, Doors, and any other work indicated on the forthcoming survey. 

We have previously failed to secure Funding as no local consultation was undertaken, it is therefore important to the project that as many as possible respond.      

Please sign, detach, and post in the box in the Village shop

Thanking you in advance for your participation.


I would support this funding application


Yes                                No

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